How to Install a Freezeproof Faucet

A step-by-step guide to protecting your exterior faucets from freezing and bursting

Vedat Bilik  attaches a frostproof outdoor hose faucet that delivers both cold and hot water, 
a boon in the winter when dogs—or cars—need to be washed.

 I think I have the perfect solution for you: a hot-and-cold wall faucet. You'll probably be using it fairly often in the winter, 
so a frostproof version is a must; the valves actually shut off the water inside the house, so there's no danger of the faucet 
freezing and cracking.  For more information & video

Installing one is fairly simple. Most people take off the existing spigot and use its
 line to supply cold water for the new faucet. Then they install a new hot-water line next to it. 
To do that, you'll need a tubing cutter; a hole saw, to drill through the siding and sheathing; 
enough tubing to reach an existing hot-water line; and a soldering kit or no-solder fittings.
 Use a silicone sealant to keep water from getting behind the faucet, and make sure to add a dedicated shutoff valve inside
 the house for the new hot-water line, in case of any future repairs.

Special Features: Backflow Check Valve, 360° Full Turn, Anti-Siphon Vacuum Breaker,
 Freezeless, Hot Side can be Key Operated (included), Full Turn 360 Degree Operation,
 Field Repairable from Outside, Individually Air Tested, Vertical or Horiztontal Installation

Heavy duty 8 in. hot and cold anti-siphon hydrant with backflow preventer is plated in satin nickel with an adjustable spigot which allows it to be installed horizontally or vertically. USA

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Size: 8 in.
Inlet: 3/4 in. MIP x 1/2 in. FIP
Hot and Cold Blending Valve
Anti-Siphon vacuum breaker with back flow check valve
Adjustable spigot allows for vertical and horizontal installation
Satin Nickel plated for long life
Solid Brass body, Valve Stem Cap, Seat and Stem Ends
5 full threads for hose connection
Stainless steel seat washer screw and handle screw
Powder coated metal handles with keyless option for hot
Installation template provided

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